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Related post: Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 05:57:27 -0700 preteen incest cp (PDT) From: James Jones Subject: OSAMU pt 1This story contains sex between males, if you don't like such material or you are underage or it is illegal where you live then I suggest you leave now. Your comments are welcome at All emails replied to except flames, these are extinguished on arrival. Hope you enjoy this new story.Please help keep Nifty free into the future by donating a few dollars to their coffers. OSAMU Part 1 by justjames17Osamu was a young Japanese student; he was coming to Australia under the Student Exchange Program and was preteen pictures clean both excited and fearful as the list preteen plane headed towards Melbourne, Australia. Seated next to him was Keiko, an slightly older Japanese female exchange student, who had chatted with Osamu on and off through the long flight. brazilian preteen girls In this strange situation, travelling far from home family and friends Osamu was vulnerable to her preteen 14 yo charms and she played on his uncertainty and loneliness.Osamu jailbait nn preteens was a stunningly attractive young man, tall and slender with jet black glossy thick hair, he wore it longish and parted in the middle, he kept flicking his head to move the hair from his dark brown almost black eyes, a longish slim nose above his upturned pink lips set above a squarish jaw completed the picture of a strikingly good looking fit young man. His broad shoulders tapered to a narrow waist while his full firm deeply dimpled buttocks jutted proudly and his manhood formed a formidable pouch between his long muscular legs.Osamu was a catch for anyone, he looked like the swimmer that he was, and his free preteen toons clear smooth unblemished pale ivory skin preteen models gallery contrasted with his lustrous black hair, dark eyes and succulent pink lips. Keiko was quite eager to get with naturist model preteen Osamu and her hand often rested oh the lad's firm thigh as preteen pantie sites they chatted, she could feel the virility pregnent preteens and warmth of preteens foot pics his flesh through the fine material of his grey 11yo preteen video trousers. Osamu felt her topless preteen tgp hand and his body reacted to her touch preteen forbidden underground as a shiver surged through him each time she touched him gradually increasing her contact as she began rubbing up and down his thigh. His body responded as only a only preteen virile youth can, his flaccid penis hardened and strained nymphet nude preteen against his tight preteen pussy power crimson Calvin Klein briefs. Keiko stopped rubbing him and stood up opening little preteen lesbians the overhead compartment removing a blanket that she spread across both their laps to hide her manipulations from sight.Osamu was still a virgin, his strict family life preteen old nudist back home had caused him to lead almost a cloistered life, his school was a boys only establishment, cute preteen nonude he had witnessed boys enjoying furtive sexual games in the locker rooms and showers after sports. He had been confused by what he'd observed, it had also excited him and set panty model preteen his raging teen hormones whirling through his fit body and caused his cock to stiffen. Now the gentle hand of his female companion aroused his body, Osamu was both confused and extremely aroused. Keiko could feel the handsome youth trembling under her touch and her pink tongue crept out moistening her pink lips as she pictured his erect manhood and longed to enclose it with her warm wet mouth. Keiko had been promiscuous back in her hometown and had known many youths and drained their virile sperm loaded balls, she had on odd occasions let some of the more handsome persistent boys bed preteen and pussy her and have full sex. She loved both the taste of lads' sperm and the feel of a hard male organ stretching her tight twot and spurting their hot cum inside her hot eager body. Keiko also loved to lead boys on torturing them as she enjoyed feeling their muscular taut fit bodies and throbbing erections, the lads were kept on the edge for long periods until they were almost screaming for relief before she would suckle on their eager erections and drink down their copious cums. Here on the droning jumbo she had a captive extremely handsome and desirable young man, who was completely at her mercy and she was going to enjoy his reactions to her devious manipulations. The feel of Osamu's thigh muscles tensing chinese preteen nudist under her fingers as she stroked his leg made her smile and his hissing intake of air showed both his enjoyment and excitement.Her hand was soon moving up to rub against ls preteen modeling the straining mound where his rock hard rod throbbed in free preteen jpegs his tight trousers, he was now almost delirious with lust as she grasped his erection through his pants squeezing and rubbing his hot engorged sex muscle. Keiko watched her quarry from the corner of her eyes as Osamu writhed and gasped, his head grinding into the headrest of the nudes photo preteens preteen thai picture seat as he humped ilegal preteens photos his hips up into her grasp. The plane droned on through the black sky and most of the passengers slept on, Keiko checked out the plane and seeing preteen phillipine girls nobody was stirring she bent over and ducked under the blanket, she unzipped the straining fly and eased Osamu's boner free of his tight crimson Calvin Kline briefs.The aroma of hot aroused male filled her nostrils as she pressed her face against the hot columbia nonude preteen hard pulsating prick; she rubbed her soft smooth cheek against Osamu's manhood. The scent aroused her own primal instincts as her mouth filled with saliva, she kissed the partly exposed knob tasting the now free preteen angels sites flowing clear pre cum oozing from her prey's nude goth preteens pole. Unable to contain herself she swallowed then opened her mouth to ingest Osamu's cock taking it slowly deep in her mouth nudist preteen art before swallowing the oozing sausage into her gulping gullet. Her gullet teensex preteen incest swelled and her throat muscles gulped and caressed his hot hard horn, Osamu's body shook like an earthquake as he arched up trying to drive his sword deeper into the warm wet fleshy scabbard. Keiko gurgled around the long fat tool usenet sexy preteens as she salivated preteen nudist net from her straining lips, drooling down onto Osamu's nuts and neatly trimmed pheromone fragrant pubes.Keiko blog preteen video tried to draw out the fun as she thongs teens preteens gulped and licked the smooth hot tool but Osamu was on a hair trigger, his overloaded balls were aching for release and with a loud whimper nudes asian preteens he unloaded deep down that preteen index of incredible moist chute spurting sperm into Keiko's guts. She growled her frustration but swallowed all that delectable dick juice, pulling back so the final deluge soaked her mouth and tongue, she found his cum delicious rolling it about in her mouth for some time before swallowing it. She withdrew from under the blanket and sat up wiping her cum sticky lips on her hand. Osamu slumped gasping in his seat, eyes closed sweet lips parted as he gulped oxygen and his still stiff spike jerked and trembled in erotic after shocks as he slowly returned to normal.He tucked his clammy cock back into his Calvin's before zipping up his trousers and tidying his clothing, he looked at Keiko from the corner of his eyes and in the dim lighting saw her looking dishevelled as she lay back licking her red lips with a strange smile on her lips. Osamu shuddered and a feeling of dread coursed slutty little preteen through him, he pictured her as a vampire who lived by draining men's balls. He couldn't get this weird thought from his mind even though he'd loved what had occurred he felt very uneasy, he also had the strong desire to have this girl do more with him and russian girlies preteen wondered if they might have full sex; something he'd dreamed of but never experienced in his young life.Keiko too wished to take this stunningly handsome lad further, she longed to feel his rigid rod ramming deep inside preteens porn foto her and wondered if they could slip into the toilet and have sex although she knew he'd need time to recharge. What Keiko didn't know was that japanese busty preteen Osamu was still raging hard as his sex life had been minimal and lonely until this time. Osamu was ready and able to ejaculate several times and he was fondling himself under the blanket as he relived the awesome feelings Keiko's moist mouth and throat had given him. Keiko noticed the movement under the blanket and turned her head looking at her companion, he sat there eyes closed with a dreamy expression as he played with himself and her russian preteen erotic hopes rose accordingly.She bent incest with preteens closer her pink lips almost touching his ear as she whispered, "I'd like to go to the toilet young preteen nonnudes then you preteen nn sex follow me and we can have hot preteens magazine more fun together, what do you think Osamu?"Osamu's eyes popped open as her words registered on his dreaming mind, he immediately thought about having sex with this sexy older girl and he nodded eagerly whispering hoarsely, "Oh yes that would be excellent."With that Keiko whispered, preteen sex rape "Wait a few minutes before you follow me."She stood up and moved past hot preteen panties the seated youth her long dainty fingers caressing his smooth cheek to drift across his trembling lips, she moved gracefully up the dimly lit aisle towards the toilets in virginz net preteens the rear of the cabin. Osamu sat in his seat preteen boy dicks his penis preteen pink cunts rigidly hard and aching for attention, he glanced at his watch and it seemed the second hand was crawling preteens interracial so slowly, he squirmed in the seat illegal preteen nudist while his cock throbbed eagerly. After three minutes he couldn't wait any longer he dropped the blanket on her seat and stood up looking around the cabin to see if anyone was watching, no sign of lesbian pic preteen anyone awake so he moved quietly back to the toilets. He saw one door slightly ajar the light throwing a narrow bright ray across the carpet, he opened the door and there he saw Keiko her clothing pulled off her naked body on display, topless preteen girls he squeezed inside and pushed the door closed locking it.His eager eyes coursed from her feet to her head before dropping down to her full pert taut breasts then further down to preteen in shower her shaved crotch where he saw her genitals. He'd never seen a female nude in the flesh and he drank in the sight as his cock throbbed achingly, Keiko reached out her preteens art hand and felt his aroused pole gently squeezing and fondling that hot hard spike through his trousers. Osamu moaned at her touch then bit his bottom lip to stop himself soiling preteen lollita his briefs nudist art preteen as his balls tightened and that sweet tingle began, she knew he was close so she removed her hand and began undoing his shirt buttons. His smooth muscular chest appeared and her eyes took in his dark brown nipples, stiff from his arousal they pointed out like pencil erasers, her mouth watered as she bent in licking each nipple.Osamu moaned loudly and his body shuddered as he tensed up, his penis throbbed crazily gushing slick pre cum into his restricting briefs, he took a long shuddering hissing breath then said, "Quickly I'll ejaculate if you don't stop."Keiko smiled craftily as she removed his shirt dropping it on the wash basin then quickly undid his belt then the waist band before tugging down the straining zipper, picture preteen naturalist Osamu's cock still trapped in his crimson briefs bulged out obscenely in the glaring fluorescent lighting of the toilet as his trousers slipped down his long leanly muscled smooth thighs to puddle on his well polished shoes. Keiko was smirking lasciviously at the blatant boner bulging oot in front of her the underpants darkening as she watched from the excited flow preteens bikini model of preteenmodel toplist the lad's slick juice.She reached out her hands slipping her fingers mom and preteen inside the wide elastic waist band public preteen porn preparing to remove Osamu's briefs when there was preteen erotica images a knock on the door and the voice of a male flight attendant saying, "Please return to your seat and fasten your seat belt we are about to enter some rough conditions."Osamu moaned in frustration as he struggled to pull up his trousers, Keiko grimaced angrily that her fun was being ruined, they both scrabbled for their clothing and dressed before opening the door and fronting embarrassingly the waiting steward. innocent incest preteens He looked at them a knowing smile on his face as he directed them back to their seats just links preteen as the illegal preteen amateur first shudders of the jumbo shook them. For the next hour the plane dropped like an express lift then rose just as fast, the fuselage creaked and shook, vibrating to the stresses as it preteen bbs nudes flew on through the turbulence. The two teens couldn't continue their sexual game, as the passengers were all awake due to the gyrations of the huge aircraft. Daylight found porn asian preteen the plane flying preteen models latex over New South Wales heading south to Victoria.As the plane neared Melbourne they began to slowly descend, Osamu hoped to continue his relationship with Keiko once they'd landed but 14 preteen fuck she seemed to have lost budding preteen models interest in him, she eventually informed him she was only using him to preteen beautiful pass the boring flight and she wasn't interested in him as he was too young for her. Osamu's heart dropped like a lead balloon at her abrupt reply. He felt unwanted and grubby and her attitude turned him against girls, he arrived in the arrivals hall where customs questioned him and checked his baggage thoroughly before allowing him to pass through into the main terminal where he found the family who were sponsoring him holding up a home made sign with his name on it. He shyly walked across and greeted them, they seemed very friendly as the father introduced Nicky their son and Sandra their daughter preteenie sex to Osamu. Sandra was older than the lads and Nicky was a year younger than Osamu.Nicky took Osamu's suitcase and they headed out of the terminal across to the car park where their family Ford Explorer was parked, the truck large seating 7 people. Nicky and Osamu sat in the preteen gallery nonnude very rear seat while his parents Ron and Heather were preteen hairless ladies in the front with Sandra in the middle seats, they set off out of the airport onto the tollway heading towards the city. Osamu sat quietly watching the scenery so different to his home and uk preteen nn the amazingly clear blue skies above were so different to the smoggy Japanese skies.The chatter of his companion took his mind off the trauma that Keiko had done to his psyche, Nicky was a very friendly person and he began to watch his new companion. The lad was the opposite to Osamu, he was blond and freckled faced, bright blue eyes and smiling pink lips over sexy porn preteens sparkling white teeth; he was very animated and giggled as nude preteen tgp he talked. Their knees touched as they sat side by side pussy real preteens and neither lad seemed put off asain preteen by the contact. Nicky was fascinated by Osamu, he'd never been in close contact with a Japanese boy before, preteen cheerleading models all he knew was Japan made lots of cars, TVs and other gear that they exported all over the world. He'd learnt in history at school about the terrible things the Japanese military had done to captured soldiers and how brutal they were and how the first Atom Bombs were dropped on Japan to end World War 11. Osamu didn't seem brutal or terrible to the contrary he seemed very quiet and preteen nonude thumbs really polite, someone who was shy and seemed a little remote but he hoped they could be good friends while he stayed 13yo preteen rape with his family.They arrived home and Nicky helped Osamu with his baggage and took him up to his bedroom that he was to share with Osamu. Osamu was a little disconcerted to find he was sharing a room but he decided to make the best of it as his board preteen models room mate seemed so happy that he was there and he didn't want to upset him. There was plenty of space even with twin beds and desks and Nicky showed Osamu where to hang his clothes and which drawers to put his other gear in. Nicky sat on his bed preteens fucked asian and preteen fashion youth watched his new friend unpack desnuditas preteens and put everything away, he chatted away about the school they would be attending, his friends and what footy team he barracked for. Osamu had never heard of Aussie rules football and was quite interested to see what Nicky was so excited about. After he'd finished unpacking they went downstairs where Nicky's mum had made a light meal of sandwiches and some fruit juice to drink as she guessed Osamu wouldn't be too hungry after being cooped preteen hard rape up on the plane for so black preteennude long preteen model chat eating airline food.After eating Osamu thanked his hosts for the food and yawned heavily, he felt tired out having slept little on the flight due to Keiko's sexual games, he was told to go rest and have a nap if he wished and Nicky said, "After you've slept I'll take you around the neighbourhood if you'd like and show you the school too."Osamu thanked him and went up to the bedroom he preteen asain modles removed his shoes and lay on the bed and was soon asleep, in his dreams he relived what Keiko had done under the blanket, he could feel her warm wet mouth suctioning up and down his penis preteen y.o. as her agile tongue curled and caressed pedophile nude preteen his aching cock until he erupted spewing sperm into her gobbling gob. Nicky wandered into their room and pedo gay preteen saw Osamu sprawled out on his back with his trousers pointing towards the roof and pulsating, his eyes widened as he saw the erection and wondered what Osamu was dreaming about. He wondered just what a Japanese boy's cock looked like and whether it was different to his, it looked huge in those stretched pants. To be cumtinued.
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